Student Awards

Student Achievement Awards Program.

Each year Gualala Rotary honors more than 30 outstanding student-scholars  from our local schools in grades 6-12 for their academic achievement. Selected by their teachers, the students gather at the Community Center with their parents, school administrators, and Rotarians for a special luncheon in their honor. Each student receives a $50 check in recognition of his or her achievement. (For 2019-2020, due to the coronavirus, awards have been given out by mail).

2019-2020 Achievers
Point Arena Joint Union High School

12th Grade: Dylan Freebairn-Smith, Loden Haught, Jason Belleza

11th Grade: Sadie Hanson, August Riehl, Chanille Malik

10th Grade: Caitlin Huse, Josue Sanchez, Yazmin Carbajal

9th Grade: Sean Freebairn-Smith, Nayeli Orozco, Ava Sexton

PCC High School

12th Grade: Logan Duggan

9th Grade: Brenda Walsh

South Coast Continuation School

12th Grade: Christi L. Cobarrubia


7th Grade: Ku’ulani Makaiwi

Arena Union Elementary

8th Grade: Kyle Caughey, Sidney Regelbrugge

7th Grade: Roselyn Aguilar Villagomez and Leonor Olalde Bernal

6th Grade: Alexa Ferreyra, Giana Blackburn


8th Grade: Ethan Miller

7th Grade: Fathom Williamson

6th Grade: Jean Carlo Bolanos, Nayeli Zamora

Pacific Community Charter K-8

8th Grade: Oliana Marzoratti

7th Grade: Elijah Garcia

6th Grade: Jesenia Rodriguez

Manchester Elementary

8th Grade: Madison Mertens

7th Grade: Belen Vazquez

6th Grade: Joaquin Faiella