Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month Program

Each month Gualala Rotary honors an outstanding employee who lives and works on the Redwood Coast.

Each Rotarian has the chance to nominate an employee who has shown professional excellence, consistently outstanding customer service, and the willingness to go “above and beyond” to meet the needs of customers. Those selected are honored at one of our monthly evening dinners, accompanied by a $100 “thank-you” check.

Employees of the Month 2019
Jan Bastian Gualala Super Market
Eileen Buell The Physical Gym
Javier Chavez Action Network
Ramona Mariscal Point Arena Elementary
Mary McCann Sea Ranch Lodge
Shasta Rasmussen Point Arena High School
Rick Rogers Gualala Post Office
Evan Ruczak Jr.’s Home & Auto
Amanda Sanchez The Ranch Cafe
Jesus Sanchez Surf Super Market
Nicole Sanchez Gualala Hotel
Norma Zamora Housekeeper
Theresa Zettler RCMS
Scott Carson and Ramona Mariscal
Mary McCann Holding Her Certificate
John Rickards and Mary McCann
Rich Hughes and Shasta Rasmussen
Rick Rogers and Jim De Wilder
Amanda Sanchez holding her certificate
Amanda Sanchez and Jim De Wilder
Jesus Sanchez holding his certificate
Marty Trieb and Jesus Sanchez
Norma Zamora holding her certificate
Ron Miles, Norma Zamora, and Klaus Heinemann
Teresa Zettler holding her certificate
Cliff Putnam and Teresa Zettler