Support for Local Education

Gualala Rotary supports all third-graders,  academic achievers in grades 6-12, and two high school seniors bound for college or vocational education.

Student Achievement Awards Program.

Each year Gualala Rotary honors more than 30 outstanding student-scholars from our local schools in grades 6-12 for their academic achievement. Selected by their teachers, the students gather at the Community Center with their parents, school administrators, and Rotarians for a special luncheon in their honor. Each student receives a $50 check in recognition of his or her achievement. (For 2019-2020, due to the coronavirus, awards have been given out by mail).

2019-2020 Achievers
Point Arena Joint Union High School

12th Grade: Dylan Freebairn-Smith, Loden Haught, Jason Belleza

11th Grade: Sadie Hanson, August Riehl, Chanille Malik

10th Grade: Caitlin Huse, Josue Sanchez, Yazmin Carbajal

9th Grade: Sean Freebairn-Smith, Nayeli Orozco, Ava Sexton

PCC High School

12th Grade: Logan Duggan

9th Grade: Brenda Walsh

South Coast Continuation School

12th Grade: Christi L. Cobarrubia


7th Grade: Ku’ulani Makaiwi

Arena Union Elementary

8th Grade: Kyle Caughey, Sidney Regelbrugge

7th Grade: Roselyn Aguilar Villagomez and Leonor Olalde Bernal

6th Grade: Alexa Ferreyra, Giana Blackburn


8th Grade: Ethan Miller

7th Grade: Fathom Williamson

6th Grade: Jean Carlo Bolanos, Nayeli Zamora

Pacific Community Charter K-8

8th Grade: Oliana Marzoratti

7th Grade: Elijah Garcia

6th Grade: Jesenia Rodriguez

Manchester Elementary

8th Grade: Madison Mertens

7th Grade: Belen Vazquez

6th Grade: Joaquin Faiella

The Dictionary Project

Gualala Rotary helps build literacy in our elementary schools by providing dictionaries to all third graders. In conjunction with Rotary International, we give grade-appropriate dictionaries to third graders from six local schools– Manchester, Pt. Arena, Charter, Horicon, Kashia, and Ft. Ross.  For some kids, this is their first “real” book they have received as a gift. Students can take their dictionary home, a key benefit for students who do not have internet access after school. Since 2001, Gualala Rotary has distributed about 750 dictionaries. Nationally and internationally,  Rotary has distributed more than 30 million of the school dictionaries since 1995.