Gualala Rotary supports local education in three ways: (1) annual “Awards for Academic Achievement”;(2) Scholarships for current HealthCare workers to develop their careers; (3) A radio lab and curriculum for Pt. Arena High School students.

The Radio Lab at Pt. Arena High School 

In 2021 and 2022 Gualala Rotary helped develop a radio lab for Pt. Arena High School.

The team, spearheaded by Jim DeWilder and Superintendant Warren Galletti, remodeled an old storage room at the high school.

The team purchased equipment using a matching grant from District Rotary. Gualala Rotary President Annan Paterson provided tables for computers and other equipment.

The School District, led by Superintendent Warren Galletti, provided funding for the remodel as well as the curriculum development and a teacher.

We cut the ribbon on August 26, 2022, just in time for the new school year.

The students line up to get in.

The stu

Academic Achievement Awards

Each year Gualala Rotary honors students in the local schools for their academic achievement. Selected by their teachers, each awardee gets a $50 certificate and a special luncheon.

The first-class buffet line, catered by Surf Super

Healthcare  Career Development Scholarships

The Club aims to help our present health care workers continue their education.

In February 2022, Samantha Allen, Celeste Carbajal, and Micheline White were awarded scholarships. In May 2022, Sheila Ruiz-Higuera and Lesbeth Santana joined the group. In October 2022, Phil Kaufman was awarded financial support.

Our scholarships cost money. DONATE to Gualala Rotary Education Fund, P.O. Box 1166, Gualala, CA 95445. (We are a 501 (c) 3 organization.

Phil Kaufman is our latest (Oct 2022) recipient of financial support. Phil is studying to become a nurse. He writes to us: ” Thank you so much!! I am in shock, truly. I cannot tell you how much this helps and am ever so grateful to you and The Rotary Healthcare Scholarship Committee, the members of The Rotary and our community.”

Samantha Allen, a certified Medical Assistant at RCMS, is currently studying for her RN degree.

Celeste Carbajal is a COVID-19 screener and vaccine administrator at RCMS. Short term, she plans to become a phlebotomist. Long term, Celeste will study for the RN degree.

Micheline White is the director of the Mendonoma Health Alliance. Micheline will enroll at USC for advanced work on providing healthcare in rural communities.

Sheila Ruiz-Higuera, a medical assistant at RCMS, studies at Santa Rosa JC to prepare for entry into an RN program.

Lesbeth Santana of RCMS is currently studying in Petaluma to become a certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Long term, Lesbeth plans to earn an RN in Pediatrics.