Annan Paterson, President, 2020-2023
School Psychologist.
Prefers the Beatles, not the Stones.
Favorite song: “Lovely Day.”

Surprising: loved living in Fresno, for 24 years.

Most interesting place visited: a tourist site that gave her claustrophobia.

Event that “rocked her”: cancer diagnosis at age 35–which eventually made her life better.

Ron Miles, Secretary 2020-2023. Past President.
Michael Combs, Treasurer
Jim DeWilder, Service Projects, 2020-2023. Four times Past President.

Steve Chell, Membership, 2020-2023
Marty Trieb, Scholarships, 2020-2023 Member Marty Trieb
Nancy Padgett, Webmaster
Cindy Cione, President-Elect 2023-2024
Kristen Balliet
Tom Cochrane  
Dave Crowl  
Laura Franklin  
Heather Giovanni
Josh Grossman  
Rich Hughes, Finance
Art Juhl
Shanna Lee
Susan Martin
Nora Messinger
Paul Plakos, Fundraising  
Cliff Putnam
Dan Regelbrugge
Heather Regelbrugge
John Rickards
Lauren Sinnott
Dick Soule
Leslie Tittle
Peter Van Asperen
Lisa Woods  
Caithy Zikouros