Why Join

A Message from Gualala Rotary President Annan Paterson:


Rotary is open to all who want to support local education, local community projects, and global humanitarian efforts. Our goals for 2021-2022 are: to raise $10,000 to support our local area youth and educational programs, ongoing and new,  to provide community support, and to double our membership. We hope you will check us out and see our exciting projects, and join us in these important efforts.

And from Steve Chell, Gualala Rotary Membership Chair:

Steve Chell, Membership ChairYou will want to join Gualala Rotary because you share our values and want to make a difference in our local Redwood Coast communities.We are a friendly group of women and men who are dedicated to the Rotary motto: “Service Above Self.” Our club’s vision is “Helping to change people’s lives.”

Gualala Rotarians are part of a old and historic worldwide organization of 1.2 million individuals, dedicated to improving our local communities and supporting global humanitarian efforts such as ending polio and providing disaster relief. Wherever you go in the world, you are likely to find a Rotary club. And, when you walk into any one of the 32,000 clubs, you are welcomed and treated like a friend.


An original goal of Rotary was to allow club members to meet periodically and enlarge their circle of business and professional acquaintances. As members of the oldest service club in the world, Rotarians represent a cross-section of their community’s business owners, executives, manager, political leaders, and professionals – all people who make decisions and have a desire to influence policy and community directions.

Louise de Wilder and Lisa Woods
Louise DeWilder and Lisa Woods

Club members have many opportunities for humanitarian service and to give back to the community, both locally and internationally. Service programs address concerns such as health care, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and the environment.

Jesus Sanchez holding his certificate
Marty Trieb and Jesus Sanchez

Rotary was founded on fellowship, a cornerstone that continues to attract members today. Rotarians enjoy camaraderie with like-minded persons; club projects provide opportunities to develop enduring friendships. Club members who travel have friendly contacts in almost every city of the world. Family members are welcome to get involved in our social and service activities.

Mike and Alice Combs
Michael Combs and spouse Alice

Rotary sponsors some of the world’s largest exchange and educational programs. Rotary clubs provide innovative training opportunities and mentoring for young leaders.

Student Achievement Awards 2019 v2
Student Achievement Awards 2019

Rotary is an organization of successful people. Team-building, fundraising, public speaking, planning, organization, and communication are just some of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance. Being a Rotary leader provides further experience in motivating, inspiring, and guiding others.

Former Presidents Mike Cliff Art Ron and Jim
Former Presidents

Encouraging high ethical standards and respect for all worthy vocations has been a hallmark of Rotary from its earliest days. In their business and personal lives, Rotarians abide by The Four-Way Test:

Of the things we think, say, or do:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

… about the Gualala Rotary Club

Our club was formed in 1987. Currently, a priority for our club is to increase membership. If you believe in the values of Rotary and wish to actively contribute to club programs that benefit the Gualala Area community, we invite you to join Gualala Rotary

Our club’s focus is education. Gualala Rotary’s Scholarship Program has provided more than $210,000 in scholarships to more than 50 qualified Point Arena High School graduating seniors for further education and training. For students in grades 6-12, Gualala Rotary recognizes the top achievers with an annual Student Awards Luncheon and a cash award of $50. Parents also attend, with school administrators handing out the awards. Each year more than 30 local students receive this recognition.

In 2021, we are starting an exciting new program of educational support to local adults. These “learners” are already in the workforce and want to obtain that next step in education or certification to support their careers.

For high school students, we are partnering with Pt. Arena School to launch “Radio Pt. Arena High,” an educational and hands-on project for students to start and run a radio station.


We meet twice a month at 5:00. On the second Friday of the month members meet, using  various locations. On the fourth Friday of the month, we have a brief evening meeting, followed by a dinner; spouses are heartily invited. Dates and times sometimes change, so check gualalarotary.org for the current schedule.


We have no attendance requirements. However, we seek active members who attend as often as they are able and are willing to get involved in club activities, including our fund-raising events.


Annual dues are $200. Gualala Rotary is part of District 5130 of Rotary International. The District provides funding for some of our projects, state-of-the-art online business training tools open to all Rotarians, and an annual convention to meet other Rotarians in Northern California.